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About Cheap Imitation

We started Cheap Imitation because we wanted to throw a launch party in a rented art gallery.

We started Cheap Imitation because our parents gave us too much encouragement.

We started Cheap Imitation because we were bored.

We started Cheap Imitation to give the art world a shot in the arm.

Look, the internet is full of plenty of journals and magazines that publish pieces-upon-pieces of writing and of art β€” often very good writing and very good art.

So, why bother starting a new one?

Cheap Imitation is, itself, art β€” a single work of art, a journal which, by design, is willing itself toward a singular greater artistic goal. A work of art made through the careful Β and intentional stitching together of individual pieces, themselves also individual works of art.

Attention will be paid to design and to the physical and essential relation of pieces within Cheap Imitation to one another, to arrange the pieces in such a way that both highlights them as individuals, and forges them into something greater even, than the sum of its parts.